Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Sunday Service

According to today's Observer, there is a battle going on within the Cabinet between the Catholic Tendency and the rest about proposals to stop schools, companies and other agencies refusing services to people purely because of their sexuality. Given that even the Conservative Party (well, its leader) appears to have been dragged kicking and screaming out of the 18th Century on the issue of gay rights, although I liked the passage in the article which said
"the issue has also tested David Cameron's progressive credentials, with senior Conservatives still locked in debate about their response"
(the words fence and sit spring to mind) this particular squabble seems particularly unedifying, and how a member of the Catholic freemasonry Opus Dei can be put in charge of equality issues seems totally mystifying to me.

As I have said before, religion is a personal thing. In the same way as I don't want to be 'converted to homosexuality' - a ridiculous concept, I know, neither do I want Jehovas or any other bible-bashers knocking on my door. I don't think the Church, of any religion, should run schools at all. I don't think Britain should be 'a Christian country' nor Islamic, or Bhuddist or Seven-Day Adventist come to that. If individuals choose to wear religous symbols or clothes, be they veils, turbans or spiked garters, that's OK with me... but just, as Nike would say, do it! Don't try to force your religious views on to me. The Labour Party I thought I was in stands for support for the rights of people irrespective of their sexuality. If the Roman Catholic Church, or any other Church, Mosque or Temple believe homosexuality is a sin, that is up to them. If the Catholic Tendency, whoever they are, or anyone else wants to import those values into the Labour Party, let them get up on their pins at Party Conference and try it!