Sunday, October 29, 2006

BNP kick squealing Sharon into touch... but who has trousered the cash?

Sharon Ebanks, thrown off Birmingham City Council following a recount of last May's Kingstanding election papers, has now been booted unceremoniously out of the BNP. Not for being an out and out racist, and surely not because enthusiasm for her cause drained away when it was revealed her father was black, but because she would not keep quiet about allegations of financial corruption in the BNP. Perhaps the most ludicrous suggestion for Sharon's departure was that
"she had made anti-semitic remarks"
... even Sharon, in the immortal words of Ricky Gervais, was moved to say "You're having a laff".

When the delightful Ms. Ebanks was fighting her case to keep her seat, Sandwell BNP activist Simon Smith launched a defence fund with a view to raising £5,000 from the gullible to pay for legal costs.... now some of the stormtroopers are asking the sheepish Smiffy, "Where's our money gone?" in light of the fact that the BNP are not paying the legal costs. Over on the Stormtroopers chat forum... things are getting a tad fractious.